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01. Disease of Eye
02. Disease of Ear
03. Disease of Nose
04. Disease of Mouth
05. Spine
06. Frozen Shoulder and pain, Brachial Neuritis
07. Heart
08. Skeletal and Muscular Diseases
09. Respiratory Diseases
10. Digestive Diorders
11. Kidney
12. Gynic Disease
13. Male Diseases
14. Nervous System Disease
15. Mentaly
16. Weight Relative Problem
17. Hair Problem
18. Endocrine Glands

  • I have undergone treatment for Cervical Spondylitis from Acupressure Research , Training and Treatment Institute and got unbealiveable result.
    - Anil

  • I take a treatment from a therapist which is useful in our clinic
    - Ravi

  • There is a revolutionary campaign in the field of health.
    - Santosh Kumar Fauzdar

Helpline: 90799-38462

  1. All appointments for consultations must be booked in advance. Expected waiting time is 3 to 7 days. In case of emergency you will be given topmost priority.
  2. The consultation, alternative medicine & instrument charges must be paid in advance.
  3. All cases (in person or online) are supervised by Institute Trained Team. If you are unable to visit the institute personally or staying in a far off place you can still ‘meet or contact’ institute team by email, telephone or by cyber conference.
















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Daily Treatment



1 Sitting


Weekly Package ( Sitting)



7 Sitting


Monthly Package (Sitting)



30 Sitting











You can Deposit in Cash at our Office and our authorize Centre in India.

You can send us directly by Money Order (M.O.) or Demand Draft (D.D.) or at per Cheque in favour of "Acupressure Research Training & Treatment Institute" payable at JODHPUR (Rajasthan).  


You can deposit the fees by Cheque or Cash in your City branch Axis Bank in a/c no. 057010100177573 in name of Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment Institute.

You can Transfer Amount by Axis Bank Branch Address:- Price tower 654, near jaljog chowraha, residency road  Jodhpur, RTGS/NEFT/IFS Code : UTIB0000057, A/c No. 057010100177573, in name of Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment Institute JODHPUR.


You can deposit the Amount by Cheque or Cash in your City STATE BANK OF INDIA a/c no. 10131978555, in name of HEALTH TIMES.


You can Transfer Amount by STATE BANK OF INDIA Branch Address: - Pratap Nagar Jodhpur, RTGS/NEFT/IFS Code: SBIN0011602, MICR Code- 342002016, a/c no. 10131978555, in name of “HEALTH TIMES”, JODHPUR.

By Credit Card - Please remit the Payment vide Credit Card VISA No.
(Punjab National Bank) 197890000234830 in favor of B.R. CHOUDHARY




Online Methods
1.    Net Banking via on-line payment Gateway (CC Avenue) we accept all major bank- IDBI BANK, AXIS BANK, HDFC BANK, STATE BANK OF INDIA, BANK OF INDIA, INDUSIND BANK, PNB BANK, YES BANK, etc.

2.    CRDIT CARD via on-line payment Gateway (CC Avenue) We accept all major credit cards like Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club etc.

3.    DEBIT CARD via on-line payment Gateway (CC Avenue). We process direct debit from all major banks in india like Citibank, CANARA BANK, INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK, STATE BANK OF INDIA, UNION BANK OF INDIA etc.

4.    Pre-Paid 3rd Party Cash/Scratch Cards (ITZ Cash Cards) available at leading retail outlets (specific to India).

Paypal – Deposite in Paypal - E-mail address :- care@acs-health.com

Direct Deposit by Paypal click here- http://www.acupressureindia.com/directpayment.asp


Western Union Money Transfer  - Please remit the Payment through Western Union by the Name B.R.CHOUDHARY Jodhpur (India) & having deposit the payment inform us about the MTC (Money Transfer Code) No. by E-mail address: acupressure@dataone.in.


Swift Code -
U.S.Dollars : Inward Remittances
To ensure credits favouring Axis Bank Ltd. Are correctly & promptly credited to the accounts held with chase Manhattan Bank, we recommend that remitters route funds electronically in following formats;
Intermediary Bank:   JP MORGAN CHASE BANK (SWIFT CODE: CHASUS33XXX) New York   (Payment should be routed either via CHIPS ABA 0002 OR FED ABA 021000021)
Beneficiary Bank:      001-1-407376    Axis Bank Ltd. SWIFT Code: AXISINBB057 MUMBAI
Beneficiary Customer: Acct No: 057010100177573 Name: Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment Institute. A-13,dc, Kamla Nehru Nagar, JODHPUR (RAJASTHAN) INDIA       

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