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Subscription : $10 or 300


NUMEROLOGY: Numerology is the practice of making use of numbers to discover the fundamental single digit vibration for just about some thing or any person. This is often a fantastic method to reveal your destiny, desires, best abilities and much more. You can even find out your numerology compatibility with another individual. All it requires is often a little comparison among your personal vibrations.

NAME OF COURSE          : Diploma in Numerology (D.Nu.)

QUALIFICATIONS            : Secondary or Equal or Practical experience in Numerology

AGE                                       : Minimum 18 years.

SUBSCRIPTION              : Rs. 2500 (For India) & $ 100 (For Foreign).

                                                  Local training charges will be extra.

REGULAR COURSE         : At Jodhpur Institute or authorized centers.

DURATION                          : One month, ( 15 Days, Daily  2:00 to 2:30 hours theoretical, practical & 15 Days Self Practice)

BY CORRESPONDENCE :You can do it at home. Our institute will send you the Books, Chart;    Instrument. After completion of course, one test will be conducted. Question paper along with an answer sheet will be sent to you & you have to deposit the answer sheet for getting your certificate.

BY INTERNET                    :You can do this course by internet also. We can provide you the study material / Lesson on your e-mail ID & you can clear your doubts through e-mail.

DURATION                          :Two Months for Correspondence & Internet.

NOTE: 1. This course can be done both in English & Hindi Medium.   2. Course can be done regular, by correspondence, by Internet or in camps. 3. Your one photograph, education certificate & experience certificate are to be attached with the application form. 4. You will be given a certificate after completion of course. 5. Fee can be paid by D.D./ Deposit of Cash / Cheque in any AXIS Bank branch, to Acupressure Research, Training & Treatment Institute, A/C. no. 057010100177573.  6. Boarding & Lodging facility will be provided at your own expenses.  7. If you are interested in Practical classes (for internet & Correspondence) the facility is provided at our Jodhpur center for three days on extra subscription rupees 800 (For India) & $ 50 (For foreign). 8. Charges for instruments, literature, chart & books will be extra for regular course.

Main features of this course:

a)      You can become therapist.

b)      You can get job/service in any naturopathy hospital or alternative treatment therapy centre.

c)      You can consider Numerology as your profession.

d)      You can help your family as well as others by treating them free of cost.

e)      World health organization of Geneva has approved this system.  

f)        You can get an Award / Appreciation Certificate if your work is excellent in this field.


1.      Significations of Number and Conclusion from Compound and Karmic numbers. (1 to 9)

2.      Calculations of Different Numbers Applied In Life- Destiny, Talent, Heart, Personality, Ultimate, Challenge, and Minor Numbers.

3.      Synthesis of Numbers and Conclusion.

4.      Character Analysis of Number and Temperamental Delineations.

5.      Numeroscope and Corresponding Period.

6.      Event number And Their Relationship to Alphabets.

7.      Relationship- Numbers, Success or Failure.

8.      House, Car or Telephone Number Their Selection.

9.      Naming a Person or Effect of Change of Number.

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