Studies show PEMF/Pulsed Magnetic Therapy for Thyroid restores mitochondria & mediates hormone production reducing need for thyroid supplements for Hypothyroidism or Underactive Thyroid.

The Thyroid function responds quickly to Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, specially using EarthPulse™ PEMF devices. We propose effect due to rebound in mitochondrial integrity in sensitive endocrine tissues. We do not believe it is limited to thyroid gland function.

We were first alerted about improved thyroid function in June 2011 (when our return rate was 6-7%). It was reported to us that one of our users slept much better, but then his newly-better sleep deteriorated at around 10 days of nighttime use.

By pure-luck he was due to see his endocrinologist and discovered that his thyroid medication (taken at same dosage for two years) was far too strong. His dosage was cut by 1/2 and his sleep went back to 6-8 hours per night by 2nd or 3rd night, then deteriorated again after another 7 nights.

On a hunch, he went back to his endocrinologist and had his dosage checked a second time; his dosage needed to be cut by ½ again. His sleep again returned to 8 hours.

This is not an isolated case of Magnetic therapy being effective on Thyroid. We’ve followed quite a few of EarthPulse™ PEMF device users through this process since June 2011.

Roughly 7% of the general populations of industrialized countries have thyroid issues. Reportedly 5% are on thyroid medication. EarthPulse™ return/failure rate had been just near 7% since late 2007 (after our v.3 to v.4 hardware upgrade).

In June 2011, after we added a precautionary notice in our user documents “to monitor thyroid levels”, our returns dropped to 3.5%. The last year of v.4.6 and v.4.7 our returns were 2.7%.

It would be smart to monitor dosage of all your medications as pulsed magnetic fields over long duration (nighttime) will enhance cellular uptake. Magnetic therapy for Thyroid is helpful, but you do need to monitor your supplement intake needs as they will reduce.

Turns out ‘they’ve’ evidently known pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has a nearly immediate effect on thyroid-stimulating hormone since 1996. Even though 5% of the general population in Western Europe and N. America are hypothyroid, you just get the drugs and no research is done in the field of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to correct hypothyroidism. Your tax dollars at work.